Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Peace and quiet...

Left: A relaxing Didi, our dog, while her boss (me, haha) is away to Europe/Holland on (family) business!

At the moment, your informer about the going ons with The Backstage, is temporary back in his homecountry Holland for roughly 4 weeks.
These last days were rather exciting because at first we were not sure I could get away in time at all... but now I am here in Holland and as such its way harder to report about what is going on at The Backstage.
My apologies for that!

Kik is busy getting the last paperwork in order, but knowing the sometimes typical way things are organised here, ergo not according to western logic but Thai logic, it progresses slowly.
We would not like the idear of us, or you for that matter, being dragged off to the police because something was not as it should have been.
These previous weeks we heard several times of such 'incidents' and except that they are costly, even for us farang, its also a big nuisance... so we decided to run no risk and be sure we comply.
BUT ofcourse, as you might expect me to say: This attitude from us is no guarantee that we actually succeed in that.
We do our best though!

I expect to be back after mid May, but if all goes well, wel before the end of May. Till that time reporting here will be somewhat minimal.

BUT enjoy whatever you are doing right now and hope to see you all son again in Patong!

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