Sunday, 11 April 2010

Does it all fit, what more do we need? haha, nothing for the time being by the look of it ;-)

Picture left: A look from outsite into The Backstage, with left the small stage.

While the temperature was rising, and not only by the sun here on Phuket, we were fitting our small theater/cabaret cafe annex cabaret karaokebar with the furnitur we bought last week after having cleaned the downstairs as good as we could.
The aircon, brandnew, is causing some problems, so very soon we were all as wet as wet can be, like Sonkran had started somewhat early haha. Though ofocurse happy that the temps didn't rise as much as they did in Bangkok.

We try to follow the events there, and be assured that Kik, and most of the people we know involved with the former J&B Bar and lots of others working in and around Paradise, are feeling pretty bad, but also involved, with whats happening in Bangkok. Its like a kind of battle............ we all hope though it will not turn into a battle of Isaan and other rural area's of Thailand and the city elite.. that would be too sad for words.
Maybe, I hope, we can give some distraction from the events there by being so busy with the preparations etc. though its hard to figur out what the efects will be on tourism, on the guys here while thinking of their families back home and or in Bangkok.

As Backstage we can allready tell you that next to purple the other dominant color of The Backstages will be ORANGE, YES!! Not only because orange is also the color of the Dutch and our Royal family (and one of my two favorite colors) BUT it is also a mix of yellow and red, the colors of the two fighting parties in Bangkok.
We hope that in the end compromise will win the day and the conflict, a hard needed honest compromise. Thailand may need its own version of an Orange revolution ;-)

Picture right: A look from the back to outsite. Ofcourse the terrace is not out yet and partly hidden behind and between the furniture indoors.

As you can see when looking at this two pictures of the interior of our Backstage, you notice, like we do, that the walls are prety empty. The need dressing up with posters and pictures of musicals, plays, opera's, concerts, movie and theaterstars, from Thailand and the rest of the, if you like, feel free to bring something with you from where ever you come from which we can hang on our walls.
We would be proud if our customers would help us in that way to make The Backstage a recognisable 'home' for all!

Latest little news:
Due to circumstances we have been offered a complete cabaret show outfit/costumes to take over. Kik and I will have a serious look at them this night and see if we can use them to make The Backstage even better prepared for all we want or would like to do aaand you might wish us to do!!
Keep you posted if we are indeed crazy enough to make such a bold move at such an early stage! ;-)

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