Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Try out of terrace set-up & finally delivery fridge & drinks storage PLUS the expected arrival of the First Customer!!!

as Phuket is no Bangkok, all is blessfully(?) normal here on Phuket!

Left: A first set-up of the terrace/outdoors. On the left, Gong, our housekeeper and assisting with The Backstage, on the right Kik, busy on the phone trying to find out when the delivery of the drinks finally will take place.

Finally we worked out roughly how the set-up of the outdoor terrace is going to be... ofcourse we will find out what our guest in due time will do and think of it, and accordingly we will most likely adjust... if possible ofcourse, haha ;-)
Also we were able to fit two fans to the sidewalls of the terrace to bring a refreshing and hopefully often coolness bringing air to our friends/customers.

Right: With a lot of swetting, but the fridge was delivered and placed in its own private location, no entry allowed by unauthorised people hehe ;-)

Shortly afterwards, our first storage of drinks arrived from down our little soi and the filling up of the fridge started.... ofcourse overflowing but safely tucked away for thirsty troats haha.

Looking around in 'my' Backstage, I wonder were to put my coffeemachine, so I can continue at the Backstage with my favorite activity: making coffee in all variations as our old customers were used at J&B's. Haven't figured that one out yet, so I guess that has to wait till I return form Europe second half of May (I leave allready this comming monday).

Ofcourse its not ideal to be away 3-6 weeks when you just started your own new place, but that couldn't be helped.
We will see what needs to be done when I return, but I believe Kik and our small crew will start in my absence roughly along the line of our wishes and can only hope they will see enough customers to make them smile....
because for one, the foreigners will have a hard time finding us because we won't be busy doing any marketing, PR etc till I return;-)

O, if any of you have any suggestions, please feel free to mention them to me/us... it can only make our actionplan more complete to try to make The Backstage, even in serious difficult times as present, the new little hotspot we hope it will become!

The first experiments by being "open for business" will start from tomorrow onwards, at first not on an allways regular basis because we are not officially open yet, not even unofficially officially open hehe.. or whatever!
But we had hoped to receive our first customer today, but the beach held so much more attractions that he missed our specially prepared action for him as First Customer...... now we have to see when & who its going to be now ;-)

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