Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Interior decorating and all that jazz ;-) The Backstage's interior being delivered!

Picture:The interior of The Backstage slowly getting into shape with delivering of the furniture! Gong, our housekeeper and to some known as a former dancer at My Way Cabaret, sitting on some free space on one of the black couches

Slowly. or now, more accuratly, very fast our new location is getting into shape.
Today the furniture was delivered to The Backstage, mostly indoors, but also 12 chairs and some tables for outdoors. The very comfortable outdoorchairs will follow soon.
Also today, actually it is happening while I am typing this little entry here on our weblog, the whole music installation is being put into place, including everything needed for karaoke and life performances!
In total 6 musicboxes are being installed, 4 indoors and 2 on the outdoor terrace. Now originally I thought we could simply be happy with just a somewhat strong stereo set and a tv screen, BUT well after a barrage of arguments, laughing and all else you can imagine by the Thai here, I surrendered most, at least thats how I look at it, hehe. And now the soundsystem is being screwed to the ceilings and walls. A 42" TV screen is being hung on the staircase wall. A karaoke system being installed. MOst likely the Thai are now able to put up the volume to their hearts desire, which means that we farang might starts screaming or stare with sounddumb eyes in front of us while waves of music engulf us..... BUT that will only happen well after midnight, AND only if the special karaoke permissions have been handed out to us AND we managed to pay for the musicrights!

This last one seems to be tricky.... these last weeks their has been a severe crackdown on the bars, etc. in Paradise complex (at least) aand the lowest fine handed out was 50.000 baht. A small fortune for the Thai here, as most of you readers might know.
But Kik is our specialist in that area and for suck matters the Backstage liason officer, haha... and he knows it! All in all he agrees with me, we will only start using everything to its full potential. when we have all our bases covered!
Which doesn't dissapoint me, because Kik and I agreed to take our swet time in getting everything right with the backstage before offcially opening!
Ergo, this means that most likely a few weeks after my return from The Netherlands ( sometime in may) we will have a modest soft opening, as they also call it.... and later , sometime October/November, when everything is as it should be, then we will try to stage that grand opening everybody seems to long for, haha...Question: who in the hell is "everybody"?

For myself, I most look forward to start with The Backstage and come up with a fun, entertaining and atractive little program for The Backstage, to play with its posibilities. And can only pray that with the feedback from the customers, we will get it right in the end and as such will be able to provide all of you with that entertaining home away from home.
The real challenge for us is, to create a place that not only is attractive to our foreign visitors (farang as they are called here) but also our Thai visitors and locals!

Ha, when I think about it, maybe we can allready slowly start operating in the next few days... not al the hours yet, but slowly starting up... mmm, would be a plleasant idear.....

Most potential staff members have made it clear that they would love to come and work for us BUT that they even more like to celebrate the Thai New Year, Sonkran in their respective hometowns and cities.... something we can truly understand and appreciate. For the Thai its THE holliday and only time in which they al try to go back to their families to celebrate.

So we will discover how we'll slowly start up our operation !

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