Friday, 9 April 2010

The last steps towards the end of Fase I ;-)

Picture left: A last view on a relative empty Backstage, with the new curtains in full view!

The construction/renovationpeople having finished their work in THe Backstage, the curtains all hanging now as they were designed for, and don't they look smart? The place looks very empty, and this will be the last time it will look that way, except maybe when a kind of 'spring'cleaning takes place sometime in the futur haha.
The bathroom with a more then decent, though simple, shower capacity has eben completed satisfactory. The stage and staircase are painted in a warm dark collor.........

Now it is time for the soundsystemguys, to install all the technical bits and pieces to make The Backstage swing on demand ;-).
It took the guys several days to get everything installed and working..... it became clear that some special construction was needed because some walls and ceilings were not too well suited to carry the weight of the boxes and the 42" flatscreen!
But in the end everything was installed and tested to our satisfaction... and we now hope ofocurse that that all will remain as such.
I say that, because during the installation of the soundsystem the newly installed and brandnew airconsystem allready refused to do its work, hence half the evening we had to deal with overheated technicians here ;-)

picture right: testing sound- and TV system, amidst a mess of stuff.

Now we enter the last stage of the first fase: cleaning, placing the delivered furniture, cleaning upstairs where the staff is going to stay, and making roughly everything operational, including fridge etc... only thing we have to agree upon is the small mobile bar we still need to purchase ;-) haha

By the way: The walls are now looking very empty... and they wil stay that way for a while... BUT maybe you, who read this and might come to Patong Phuket: Please feel free to bring old theater attributes with you, theaterposters, musicalposters, etc. so we can use them to decorate our walls!


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