Sunday, 16 May 2010

All quiet at the ( Backstage- ) front?

As I wrote in one of my last entries here, it would be a bit quiet fro a while ... for sure as long as I am in Europe, Holland to be exact, as your Backstage-reporter, taking care of private business ;-)

The political/ssocial situation in Thailand, on Phuket

The troubles had just started again in Bangkok and to this day they still last! Am deeply worried for the consequences it might have for the Thai people as a whole and ofcourse for my Thai friends and family in particular.

Am sure many of you feel worried as well, knowing so many people in Patong Beach on Phuket. People who have families, friends and partners, not only in troubled Bangkok, but al over the country! We all worry for them.

As you may know, farang are not very welcome to state too publicly their opinions about what happens in Thai politics and society as a whole. You and I also know that for us its allmost impossible not to care and have an opinion about what is happening.

As The Backsstage WE DO NOT HAVE AN OPINION. But that doesn't mean that we, as individuals, don't want to express our frustrations at times with what is happening.

We, or better said I, will not use this forum for that, but if you are interested in opinions of me, or others when I choose to pass them on, then feel free to read my other weblog
and also feel free to comment on my comments if you feel the need to do so, specially when you think I make a fool of myself ;-)

Ofcourse this other weblog of mine/us not only reports on Thai politics as how preceived by an outsider, but also about Dutch poitics, small and big events happening in Kik and my life, etc.etc.etc. often illustrated with pictures or links to other websites.

Present situation in Patong and with Backstage.

The situation on Phuket is still peacefull and quiet and totally safe to travel to, direct or via Bangkok, because the airports are very safe indeed to be used in the present situation. At least in that respect it shows that the Thai are willing to learn their lessons on both sides of the divide, specially when they recognise the common interest!
One can only hope and wish for more lessons well learned, but sofar.... we can only wait and see what will happen, luckily none of us have any knowledge about the futur ;-)

The Backstage sofar has nott really operated, they wait not only for my return, but also for some 'essential' paperwork to get trough so we can operate without intervention of other parties who have an interest in that soi....

The situation in Patong, regarding the amount of tourist present is such that when we start operating for real, we all need to put in our weight, effort, to make things work as they should.

Kik is not afraid to go on stage, from a modern performance, like he is now preparing for Simon, or a classical performance as he gave at DWH, winning first (!!) prize during Student Introduction Week at the Gay Association in Delft.

Kik in the maintime, has been asked by Simon Cabaret to audition for the, as I call it, the Tina Turner spot, which has come vacant. It would be a real step forward for Kik if he actually got the solo slot in the Simon show.
As it stands, he has to audition on the 17th of May, so let us all keep our fingers crossed that he will be as succesfull as undoubtedly he and I allready wish for ;-)
Am somewhat excited about it myself as well! Kik showed me via Skype/cam what it is supposed to look like, costume, routine, music... and am very very curious indeed how it wil look on Simons big stage ... because am sure we will be ablle to enjoy it at The Backstage I am sure, but then on our mini stage ;-)

Let us hope that events in Bangkok will not distract too much, as they at present seem to do;-)

Hugs :-)))

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