Sunday, 4 April 2010

"Backstage Thailand" calling for first time!

Kik checking the outsite of The Backstage, though not everything ready yet, its slowly getting there!

Back to where the gay (night)life started here on the iland of Phuket:

It won't be more then a couple of days now, till we will start operating the successor of J&B Bar, THE BACKSTAGE (purple) meeting point, here in Patong Beach on Phuket, Thailand!

The Backstage will become a small theatercafe where customers and management of The Backstage can stage allmost everything they want, from lipsing/playback, karaoke to life music, stand-up comedy and everything else what might fancy your and/or our mind! ;-)

It is also our dear wish that The Backstage will become, small as it may be, the prurple meeting point here in Patong Beach/Phuket where gay men, and their friends, from of all walks of life and from all nationalities can meet and while away from home, will feel very much at home. Where they will feel free to talk about whatever they would like to talk about with whomever they enjoy!

Together with our customers we will have to try to create just such a place, a creative home away from home!!

In the next couple of days, maybe week(s) we will try to report as much as we can around the progress of the realisation of The Backstage.
And be assured, we will leave more then enough room for you to comment on :-)))

O, and this evening, Easter Sunday, Kik and I bought 8 chairs for outdoors....we think they are cool, and once seeted it might be hard to force yourself to get up again! But ofcourse we will also buy less comfortable outdoor chairs just in case you do not like to get too comfortable!
Tomorrow we will go hunt again for indoor furniture.

Same time tomorrow work on The Backstage will continue: They wil move the aircon installation to the location Kik and I originally had chosen, haha, and as such will create the right location for the 42" TV screen.
If all goes well they also will finish work on the bathroom with showerfascilities, also for our customers when they come back from the beach (!!), paintwork, etc. and the day after the technical guys will go in and installing the soundsystem, combined with TV etc.!

All in all, when everything is finished we hope to become a small iland where our customers/friends will feel free and at home in a most pleasant surroundings in an otherwise very normal avarage little Thai street! A street which in the beginning was THE street for the gay nightlife here in Patong Beach, but then we talk about many many years ago!

Feel free to ask any question and if possible for us we will answer it here for you and all other readers to read!
And as our old J&B customers know, we will only remove reactions and pictures which are negative in mindset, BUT positive critical pieces will never be subject to such actions of removal, etc.

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