Monday, 12 April 2010

Cabaret costumes for The Backstage & our new logo!!!

In the picture on the left we see Kik looking at a dress while a friend aaaaaaand maybe fuuuuuutur performer at The Backstage sits between costumes on the floor.
As I wrote yesterday, when we received last minute invitation to the possibility of purchasing a bunch of costumes to support whatever (mini) performances we would like to see to take place at The Backstage.

In the end we purchased around 15 costumes and I believe soon enough we all get a chance to see how they can look on our little stage.... One thing I know, Kik is truly enjoying the prospect of working this new though little stage.
We all realise that such a stage in such small surroundings is much more difficult to play on/in then bigger stages elsewhere. For the performer it also has an advantage, the responses of the audiance is more direct, more critical. The audiance after all sits practically on the lap of the performer and as such makes everything done so much more visable.
In Holland we look at mini theaters as the ideal trainingground for performers, if they survive these small stages then in general they will be able to succesfully perform practicaly anywhere else.
Our greatest performing artists in my home country started in/on such small stages and in such mini theaters...
Now not that I want to compare with the likes of them, BUT I tell this just to let you know that in case of performing, smaller is not at all regarded as easier... its seen as a much bigger challenge.

The Backstage will slowly start with putting on stage small little productions, but in the beginning not at all regular. We also will start inviting other people to come and use our stage, for try-outs etc. .....

Next to performing, which is ofcourse part of a theatercafe, annex cabaret karaoke bar, we wil also try to stimulate contact among expats and longstay guests here on Phuket of all kinds of nationalities, as wel as giving the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, hopefuly not only farang but also Thai, so we can become a truly happy purple meeting point!

Because thats the full name of our place:
The Backstage, purple meeting point
Below you find a temporary logo of The Backstage, which roughly looks as we want it to look, but ofcourse is not yet perfect... hehe... as well as one can make lots of variations on its basic design so this is one of the first of a series of expressions of our new logo ;-)

If you like the challenge: feel free to design variations on our design while keeping in mind the basics, which we simply like to see returned: the purple circle with the name written over it, trough it on a background of , in principal Orange, but that can be replaced by pink on occasion(s). If you go for the challenge: Good luck and we do look forward to receiving your creativity!

Right: a rough design of our futur Logo as Backstage

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