Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A farewel party annex testdrive of The Backstage....

Left: Friends enjoying themselfs after Kik had organised a spontanious farewell party for yours truly the night before last.

A spontanious farewellparty for yours truly, organised by Kik, with lots of his/our friends from Simon and My Way, and actually also some farang friends, gave us a wonderfull insight what needs to be taken care off at The Backstage in the futur.
As we say we had a wonderfull fun learning opportunity ;-)

Myself, I was very happy to wittness how disciplined everybody behaved in our special circumstances right now. Everybody was very considerate with the restrictions we still have to work with here.
It also confirms my believe that its best to start a new place from scratch at the beginning of low season. Far less pressure and one can afford to enjoy the funny side of when things do not go as they should have gone, to learn with a smile!

On a personal note: I was again surprised by the arrival of so many thai friends on the occasion of my departure... then ofcourse we were still unaware that my departure the next day for Europe was totally going no where. I didn't get further then Bangkok... to return back to Phuket on the last flight leaving Bangkok last night!
KIk wanted to organise aother spontanious party but now for welcoming me back, with a broad smile... haha... but I asked not to do that crazy though could see the fun of it... I was simply too tired ;-)

A J&B friend of ours, Hans, came also, he was just recoverring from the news that his returnflight home was cancelled and he had to wait at least a week if not longer.... pffff.
Also heard from a German J&B friend of ours (one of our First Customers), who got stuck in Bangkok and went to Pattaya to ride out the cancellationstorm due to the vulcanic erruption.
Wim, Wiwat's husband from Amsterdam, who was supposed to leave for Holland 2 days before me, he's still stuck in Bangkok till at least wensday or maybe even saterday/sunday if not later.... A mess huh?
Well, at least Hanse felt extra welcome showing up for my farewell party, which in the end turned out to be an impossible-to-leave party !

Right: A happy Kik (doesn't he look great!) talking to Hans (not bad looking as well ofcourse).

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