Thursday, 9 September 2010

Proposal for another advert for Backstage, now for Spice Magazine

Our inhouse guest EJ has designed a variation on our earlier advert in Thai Puan, but this time for Spice Magazine, which is due for October with a special Phuket issue in which we are supposed to get introduced ;-)

Feel free to give your comments, if it has any merrit, or not... we simply like to know asap so we might be able to adjust or whatever ;-)

Spice Magazine will come out every month, so maybe sometime in the next month we will come up with a 'high season' look, whatever that may be...LOL...but maybe we feel we can not improve more on this concept and then we'll keep it till we come up with an improved version.... so, your feedback might be of great help to us ;-)

Take good care
and hopefully see you soon when you are here on Phuket!

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