Friday, 3 September 2010

Impressions of Introduction Backstage, VII

Ofcourse after the classical Thai dance, which was also performed this night, and by doing so our small stage was officially open for use!
Here a short impression of some of the performers who got on our stage. Sadly some pictures taken were of bad quality and as such I decided to leave them out. As soon as I get the other pictures made on our Introduction, then I will place them on our weblog as well!

Right:Lipsing, or as we call in the west playback, is sometimes looked down on by westerners, BUT when one sees how intens our western songs are being performed here, one often forgets its lipsing and one can not help to forget the original at times as well. Here jeny giving an impresive performance, in daily life one can find him at Simon cabaret as well as sometimes in My Way.

Left: Was very happy that also my long time friend Rin took to the stage. In daily life he can be seen at My Way cabaret in Paradise soi... and sometimes at our place, but then he is 9 out of 10 not working but just relaxing, maybe eating some of that food we can arrange and talking with his friend(s) at Backstage ;-)

Below: Somchai did several songs, but the last performance of the night was" Dreams are fake", or "Dromen zijn bedrog", as the popular Dutch song by Marco Borsato is also called. If I am correct, this song is still the longest running nr 1 hit in the Dutch charts ever.

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