Thursday, 2 September 2010

Impressions of Introduction Backstage, V

Left: Dear friend Somchai arriving with flowers to wish us good luck with our new venue. He had earlier helped us with preparing the food for our Introduction Party and was going to perform later for us and our guests. Next to him Kik, who was allready made up for performing his song "one man one woman" and ofcourse yours truly on the right ;-)

Right: Sandy, a former performer at Simon's, most know in her role as Cleopatra, arriving to celebrate with us and wishing us good luck with The Backstage

Left: Part of our crew, behind the buffet table. On the back (which gives a nice view of the backside of our new poloshirts) Mill, working the BBQ aaand facing camera from left to right: Gong, Cid (dear friend of Kik and now also me and former owner of J&B Bar, aand Ka, Kik's brother. Cid and Ka were helping us out to make the evening run more smoothly then otherwise possible ;-)

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