Thursday, 2 September 2010

Impressions of Introduction Backstage, II

Right: Long time friend Robert and first arrival on our Introduction Party, with stafmember Kob.

Left: The Backstage crew, ready to start serving our customers and guests in the best of spirits.... (from left to right Gong, our manager, EJ, our inhouse guest and helper, Mill stafmember, Kik, Kob, Rob, Jack stafmember, Mos and volunteer stafmember Ka (Kik's brother ) (picture taken by Robert)

Right: Our friends from My Way cabaret group arrive on a surprise visit to congratulate us with our first step on the Phuket Patong gay scene ... they said they would come back after work, and they did to our delight and performed some excellent numbers, which also gave us the chance to really testdrive our soundsystem for lipsing performance (and that turned out to be above expectations!). On the right, giving me the flowers, Rin, very dear friend of me/ours (picture taken by Kik)

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