Thursday, 2 September 2010

Impressions of Introduction Backstage, III

Left: Knud, from "Knud's Bar Thai's Best Boys" in Paradise and Kik. Knud is a long time and dear friend of Kik and since I got to know Kik in 2007, also from me ;-)

Right: Wood & company. He runs a simple but good little Thai restaurant opposite The Backstage, and allways willing to serve his food to us at Backstage and or our customers ... and allmost at any time of day!

Left: Anton and Dany from South Africa with yours truly. They own gay venues in South Africa and after finding out about our Backstage earlier they were happy to come and join us on our Introduction Party.
I had to get used to Afrikaans again, which is a version of Dutch .... I like to call it "old Dutch" because it has many similarities with how our language was spoken in my own country a long time ago. Its fun and have to admit, for South Africans who speak Afrikaans its easier to understand us then it is for us ...BUT we can understand eachother, and as such it creates a fun bond when being so far away from home ;-)

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