Thursday, 2 September 2010

Impressions of Introduction Backstage, IV

Left: The 'German table', with facing in direction of camera, Andreas (from Loenoe Palace Hotel Patongl & Dempseys Bar) and old customer of J&B Bar, with left of him Jub, and Peter, a wonderfull upbeat guy

Right: Our neighbours from Super Boy enjoying themselfs with our karaoke installation. They, together with Wood & company have made us feel welcome in this little soi we now find ourselfs in

Left: Its getting late but the guests are enjoying themselfs. On the right of the pic, sitting with orange shirt is Danny, from Holland, who came back after he left earlier with his two dutch friends/owners from The Dutch Inn, having a wonderfull time. To the right, in white but sadly not that good visible, Phil and daughter Nathaly. Phil runs Adonis Guesthouse (in quite part of Paradise) and a true Brit who runs his hotel exempelary as I discovered personally last year when I stayed a couple of days at his place when I had some troubles at my house here ;-)

Shortly after the entertainment started, quickly followed by the first real heavy rainfall at night time in more then several weeks!

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