Thursday, 23 September 2010

Birthdays & Weddings Party 7th of October, rough outline of set-up now known.

Roughly the set-up of the upcomming party at The Backstage is getting shape, though nothing is definite yet, but enough to start sharing the information ;-)

We'll start the 7th at 7 pm with Celebration of Life (= Birthdays).
If all goes to plan we'll happily celebrate the birthdays of Jeroen, who will be here for holiday from Holland, and Rob, yours truly and 'owner' of The Backstage!
Between 9.15 and 10 pm we'll have a first show, which will be about celebating life!

At midnight, when 7 turns into an 8th, we will start celebrating weddings, or, as one can also say: long lasting relationships, love, commitment, the union of people based on love!

Right: Rob & Kik on their way to Cityhall of Delft to get married, in company of friends and family, 8th of October 2008.

We celebrate the 2d weddinganniversary of Rob (yes, me again) & Kik and the upcomming wedding on the 10th of Ton & Bow here on Phuket! (Ton is from Holland, while Bow is from North East Thailand)
Between 00.30 en 01.30 am we'll plan to have a second show, concentrated around long lasting relationships, love, etc.

We expect this special party will end between 2 and 4 am.

Ofcourse The Backstage provides, as is tradition here in Patong, a buffet, hopefully to everybody's liking and ofocurse the traditional welcomming drink!

O, not unimportant, all promotions The Backstage runs right now, will NOT be valid during this special event at The Backstage!!

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