Friday, 4 February 2011

Orange Gay Cruise a wonderfull succes! Part 1 !

The Sai Mai, our ship for this little private and exclusive Orange Gay Cruise we organised on the 31st as part of celebrating the birthday of Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.... as is the custom of yours truly due to the allways excellent weather here on Phuket ;-)

Same time we used it also to say thanks to people who helped us with moving and with a serious emergency to help a dear friend of ours, Zhou.
The whole combination turned this day in a wonderfull experience which energized all who took part!

Though we say it ourselfs, it was truly an exclusive experience, a real private cruise with all the fascilities and relaxation one could wish for!

We started the cruise around 9 am in the morning when the Sai Mai left the port of Chalong.... while doing so all of us were served a fresh made American Breakfast with all the trimmings .. and O, I enjoyed the crispy warm bacon. All prepared by the cook which was available to us the whole day :-)

After breakfast ofocurse followed lunch, which was above expectations, so specially our Thai friends were very happy with that!
(Thai are very critical about their food)

By the Way, from departure to debarking around 6.30 pm (!) we could use all fascilities on board, including the 3 cabins with private showers/bathrooms/toilets. But also the very well equiped bar which served all the drinks we liked, alcoholic as well as non alcoholic, including nice South African wines ;-)

Left:: Here we bring a toast on HM the Queen on her good health and a happy birthday!

Ofcourse we did much more then just cruise and drink and eat!

Right: Kik and me, on Nui Beach!

This beach is very difficult to get to and is very privatly located on main iland Phuket.. we were one of the very few people there and the only ship in the bay.. it gave us a feeling not only of exclusivity but also how the beached of the iland must have looked like between 20 and 40 years ago ;-)

Soon we publish more about the cruise and the Orange party following it BUT if you can not wait, then we recoomend to surve to were you can find all the pics of the cruise as well as the party ;-)

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  1. Hello Dude,

    All of the beaches are very cruisy during the day, especially the ones. When you get to the sea front, turn right. Head towards the gay beach. You will probably have spent the day there anyway. Pass all of the restaurants by the sea front and head towards the first set of stairs. Thanks a lot.......