Saturday, 5 February 2011

Orange Gay Cruis, a jummy affair part 2 !

Right: While leaving the harboour of Chalong in the moring, we were, as told in "part 1" served an elaborate breakfast. Here Kik (on the right) and me ready for enjoying this first meal of the day.

Below: But ofcourse we all did and so here a picture of our cruise-group, while a picture is being taken, with the coastline of Phuket gliding by ;-)

Left: Ofocurse a boat continues while one eats..but afterwards some of us wanted to stand in the wind, here you see Somchai, Rin and yours truly.

Below: After we rounded the corner of the outcrop of the iland as seen in the pic above, we bumped into a very nice spot, which we managed to identify as Nui Beach...and as you can see, we were the only ones, at least approaching from the sea. When we landen we discovered a couple of people, but not more then that, which gave Nui Beach a very attractive and nostalgic atmosphere we all enjoyed , maybe too much ;-)

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