Saturday, 5 February 2011

Orange Gay Cruis, fashionable & jummy, part 3 !

Left: Kik, as a true Orange Queen, with yours truly, in indeed in orange speedo ;-) posing in the pleasant sun making fun while waiting for lunch to be served.

Below: The cook, who prepared all the food on board fresh from her kitchen, or "kombuis" as we say in Dutch, is also busy laying the table so we can finally sit down to enjoy her more then excellent cooking.

Left: Egbert looks very pleased at the food layed out for him...but then we have to say, it also smelled wonderfull, so we were more then happy that once started we all had to agree that the food tasted at least as good as it smelled and tasted. Our lunch exsisted of fried shrimp and chicken, seafood-vegetable soup, stirfried vegetables with pineapple and shrimp, friend rice with seafood, fruits, cucumber and steamed white rice plus ofcourse whatever we wanted to drink with it.

Left (again): If not enough, after lunch, and some more sailing the waters on the west coast of Phuket but same time also slowly on the way back to Chalong Harbour, snacks were served to go with, again all the drinks we the way, once we were on board all those drinks were at available to us, like beer, gin, vodka, red & white wine, whiskey..whatever we liked but also coffee & tea ofcourse as well as plain water ;-) All in all we could not complain about anything, and to know that complaining is a favorite hobby of the Dutch .... joking ;-)

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