Saturday, 5 February 2011

Orange Gay Cruise, with a fun but windy, somewhat stormy end, part 4 !

Above: Sun is setting over Chalong Harbour, which due to a very unusual strong, stormy wind, was unusually restless. But the sunset looked wonderfull ;-)

Below: Due to this stormy weather the Captain decided that it was not safe for our boat Sai Mai to land in dock and instead he decided to let the Sai Mai stay ofshore and bring us all to shore in the dingy of the boat in which we allso landed on Nui Beach earlier that day .... wwhen all together on land again we heard that the benjamin of our group, Rin, got seasick while ferrying back to land... though we al felt sorry for his plight we also had to smile because of it

Below: As it should be, the organiser(s) responsible for this succesfull cruise, though with a somewhat stormy but fun carnaval like ending, left the ship last .... here we arrive, al feeling pretty dandy and excited near the spot were we all went on steady land again ;-)

Above: The complete Orange Gay Cruise group together for the closing group picture:
from left to right: Egbert (known to our Thai friends as Peter, Alberto, Teacher (nickname), Tu, Somchai, Neet, also known as Oei, sandy, Andreas, Kik, Rin, yours truly Rob, ... and Zhou!

After the cruise we were all brought back to the Backstage were we arrived safe and sound around 7 pm, 11 hours after we left The Backstage..... were we closed of with The Orange Party and, ofcourse a very good meal with, ofocurse some big friend fish ;-)
But well, thats the next report!

When you like to see more or al the pictures made during this cruise, visit our facebook-page!

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