Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Exclusive Orange (Gay) Cruise & Party on the 31st of January!

This day The Backstage wants to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch Queen and we start doing that with giving YOU the chance to take part in an exclusive day cruise on the Andaman Sea!
The cruise will be an all inclusive outing. There's a cook on board to prepare our lunch, and plenty to drink.

Fascilities for snorkling and, most comfi, an excellent easy way to get of and on board the boat while at sea when you like a swim!
When you might like a rest, their are 3 cabins on board.

If you like to join on this exclusive Orange Gay Cruise, just let us know ASAP.

We will also ask if you have any wishes of places or things you would like to see, because we intend to try to fit as much wishes in our day program as possible.

We will end the cruise program on the 31st with a 'modest' Thai buffet, some cabaret performances and drinks during The Orange Party at The Backstage

Ofcourse theirs a pricetag to this exclusive all inclusive daycruise with all the fascilities (excluding though the drinks during the Orange Party!) of 3000 baht per person.

Estimated time of start of cruise program: 09.00 hours
Estimated end of day-cruise program : 18.00 hours
Estimated end of evening cruise program : ?? hours (= up to you!)

Those of you who know us from The Backstage, knows, we only like to offer sincere good deals to our friends and customers and though 3000 baht sounds like a lot, it is, we promiss you, a good deal and it will hopefully prove to be a lot of fun and a highlight of your stay here on Phuket!

You can let us know of your principal interest to participate and same time let us know which elements you would like us to try to include in this exclusive cruise, by simply writing us a message here, giving us a call (Rob: +66(0)80 14 18 180), message us on our facebook or simply walk by The Backstage here in Patong on Phuket!

You have to let us know before the 28th of January when seriously interested to participate.
And be aware:
Limited number of places available !

BTW when succesfull, we intend to repeat the day cruise program during the Gay (Pride?) Festival which takes place between the 23d and 26th of February

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