Thursday, 31 March 2011

The return of the Max! ;-)

He stayed with us the last 2/3 months of 2010 before he felt he had to go back to Koi Samui all of a sudden at the beginning of the new year. We ourselfs and customers were surprised by this sudden move, but then again... this is Thailand, Amazing Thailand.... and to hold that thought:
Guess who came to The Backstage today with his stuff: Max!

He allready announced early last week that he wanted to come work for us again and after we expressed no objections, he surprised us by actually arriving back today, in the middle of the rain.
So Backstage is now back on, as we like to call it, full staff mode............ little bit ironic with the unexpected (?) early start of the low season, but then again, who speaks of low and high seasons these days?

Backstage likes to be their for all our (potential) customers full year round with little regard for high or low season because Backstage is were one can relax when one gets off his or her stage, and that's not bound to any season!;-)

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  1. I will be back in middle of april an hope to see all of you guys :-)

    Klaus, from Munich-Germany