Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Introducing: New arrivals at Backstage ;-)

Since today our staf has grown with two guys, we can hardly call them boys ofcourse, who started work today at The Backstage.
They start with looking how things go ... seeing and observing first how we work here at Backstage before actually jumping in themselfs.
Before they came to us, these young men worked at Boys & Boys, opposite My Way in paradise Soi..... That bar suddenly closed down earlier this month and we were happy to welcome them in our modest little venue.

We honestly hope that soon enough they will feel very much at home in their new home away from home, and become true members of our little backstage family ;-)

Left: Dael, also called Bil(ly), he's 27 years old and hopes to celebrate his 28th birthday on the 1st of May

Right: Bo, he's 28 years old and celebrates his birthday on the 10th of June!

We hope that they will help to make our customers feel at home, and that all of you who in time visit us, will feel happy to be served by either one of them and will feel able to close them in your hearts as part of The Backstage bunch ;-)

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