Friday, 10 December 2010

This comming sunday, the 12th of December: Birthdayparty Max at Backstage!

The day after tomorrow, sunday the 12th of December, we all hope to celebrate the birthday of Max... one of our senior stafmembers aand one who is known to enjoy entertaining our customers (and us)!

I know Max for 3 years now, and in those years he has become a dear friend. Half October he called me that he wanted to leave Koi Samui for personal reasons, where he lived and worked most of his life and needed a radical change and if he could work for me/us.
We (Kik and me) did not need to think, and said enthousiastically YES.
In the short time since he has become one of our engines on which the Backstage presently runs and we haven't regreted one day since he arrived here!

Now, this sunday, Max will celebrate his birthday, his first one since a very long time, outsite Koi Samui and away from his known friends and family.
We at the Backstage would like to give him a warm feeling of welcome and that his chosen family here really appreciates him.

Right: Max (left) next to our friend Peter (right)...personally I am happy he changed his hair again, haha.. but then again, he likes to do crazy in a fun/positive way every now and then!

To hopefully achieve that, we would like all of our readers, if they are in or near Patong ofcourse, to come sunday evening to the Backstage to not only congratulate him with his birthday, but also to celebrate it with him and us!

Max is ofcourse typical Thai in that respect, so we'll try to give him a real Thai-style birthday party for which all of you are invited!!

At midnight ofcourse we hope to give him the birthday cake ceremony (rain or shine, lol) and free food will be available during the evening for all our guests, as is the Thai custom here ;-)

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