Tuesday, 7 December 2010

New and english gay (GLBT) magazine OUT for Thailand will appear first time on, hopefully, 2d of January 2011!

Last saterday, representatives of the english speaking owners of gay businesses here in Patong on Phuket, met with Ian Chenoweth, Marketing Director, of the new gay magazine for Thailand, aimed at the foreign and english speaking visitors and expats here in Thailand. This magazine wil be named OUT Magazine.

After the fiasco of SPICE magazine, which went belly up last month under very strange circumstances, Ian had to overcome some sceptisism from all attending.
We all left though in a pretty good mood and believe the arrival of OUT and the way it sofar wants to work, is what is actually needed badly.

Thai Puan is now the only national magazine with reasonably up to date information and was/is far better then SPICE Magazine in that respect, BUT it also, totally justified, targets the Thai market and as such is not serving the same target group as a whole.
Partially the target group of OUT magazine and Thai Puan will ofcourse overlap but we feel they wil not seriously bite eachother.
They might though, keep eachother sharp in a positive way;-)!

The first publication of OUT Magazine, will take place on 2d of January 2011... this launch has been put forward several months not only because of the unexpected collaps of SPICE, but also because now its high season and two (!) Gay Pride festivals comming up (IN Pattaya as well as Phuket). It was the only way to fill a gap which needed desperatly filling-up on such short notice!

We at Backstage will support the efforts of OUT (ofcourse), hoping they will be a much better replacement of the now former SPICE, for all the visitors to Thailand and expats living here in Thailand!

Ofcourse we optimistically agreed to support OUT with a half page advertisament, which you find below ;-)

If for futur publications you have suggestions for our advertisaments, please feel free to sent us your comments!
After all we are no professionals at this and we hope, with your help/support we can improve our effectiveness over time!

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