Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Little report & pictures Max Quarter Century Party

The birthdayboy, presenting himself in the outfit of his choosing ;-)
Max celebrated his 25th or quarter century at our bar with a small but real fun party!

On birthdays its very common for Thai's to give money, though we also see that happen a lot in , what we call, the west, Thai though like to show what they received and or gave (and honestly just as happy with a smal gift as well as big ones!) and so when somebody celebrates ones birthday and brings money with him as a gift, one will most of the time find himself clipping it around the birthday boys neck as a necklace of money.
Like many Peter (some of the pics on this weblog entry are his) did the traditional thing and here he poses just after the fact with Max;-)

Max likes to sing, karaoke or otherwise, and here we see him doing just that! Singing for al his friends at Backstage!
Our karaoke installation functions excellently and one can even sing on the street (as, actually, customers seem to enjoy.
(The fun of our Backstage seems, for one, to be that in one part people can enjoy karaoke, etc. while other customers can still enjoy some quiete time with talk etc. but when having a special occasion we happily mix)

We all got really surprised, and enjoyed a big laugh, when one of our regular customers, Frederick, knowing about this tradition of giving money and hanging it around the birthdayboy, brought a T-shirt made of 20 baht notes. Now that's a cool idear!!

Ofcourse, at midnight, we also had the traditional birthdaycake ceremony. On this occasion sponsored by Uli, who also presented the cake to Max while we all sang "happy birthday" ofcourse!
Poor Max then had to try to blow out the candles, which proved to be way less easy then he anticipated ;-)

The table with all the regulars of The Backstage at the present moment, assembled around it.
Though Uli left for Germany allready while we write this and Frederick is of to Bali for a coupleof days (3d of the left).

Surprised though not unexpected: Joel is back in town!
We were very happy to receive Joel back among us on, of all days, Maxs birthday. Joel is dear and loyal friend from our former J&B-Bar and he is allready making our Backstage his homebase while in Patong!
(Third from the left!)

After a whole evening of happiness for Max, a last picture with him, while saying thank you and goodbye, hoping his new year will undoubtly be better then the year past!
Also, he is now wearing a crown, made out of twenty baht notes, made by the lady who cookes the (seriously wonderfull) food we serve at The Backstage ( from her own little restaurant opposite our Backstage)


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