Saturday, 21 August 2010

Learning to 'walk' is fun .. Our first steps back into the scene ;-)

Two weeks now we are operating,

and with all our experiences, we rediscover also the fun of learning and to start a total new venue in a 'new' location.
Easy? Absolutly not.
How long before everything will be perfect (whatever that may mean)? Probably never.
How long before improvements? Probably all the time, some visible, some not ... our little list is endless allmost and in time we hope to see it get shorter instead of growing, as it does at present ;-)

And yes, the atmosphere at Backstage is pretty okay. The consept of 2 in 1 seems to work out just fine for all who come to visit us. It's same time getting used to as well, but fun same time.
Visitors who like to sing, can do without others, who like or enjoy a quite talk are being disturbed.

In other words, The Backstage is a place in development, because we like to be your home away from home, the place to unwind and relax.


At The Backstage one can eat simple but delicious Thai food for allmost half the price of a beer. Also all kinds of riding foodstalls pass our front and among them regular one who sels deserts... for 5 baht a piece.......and tasty!

Right: The desert arived in front of The Backstage, and I tried allready a lot of them and it becomes harder to let the guy go, haha!

In other words, when at The Backstage one can take the opportunity to eat like the locals here do for same price as all these locals pay!
O, and in case one of you might worry about food safety: How they do it I do not know, but this guy (me, lol) with a sensitive tummy, hasn't expierenced any problems yet.........and, glad to say, haven't heard of others who had these kind of problems.

Opening hours

For August, contrary to what we announced here on the weblog, we are open every day from 4 pm till 2 am with option to stay open till 4 am.........but to be honest, we hope that wil not happen too often, because if you want us to take good care of you, we must be same time be able also to take good care of ourselfs ;-)
O, it might happen one of these evenings that we are 'closed' because we are preparing for the Introduction Party on the 1st of September, but if we feel forced to do so, we make announcement on the doors of The Backstage!

Introduction Party

To introduce The Backstage into the scene, we decided to introduce ourselfs with a party on the 1st of September!
We hope that evening to be able to show the possibilities Backstage has to offer.
We also hope to be able to tempt the regular visitors of Paradise Complex, to hub acros the street, walk around 2 corners and hub into The Backstage once in a while to enjoy, relax and if so wanted, have fun ;-)

Promoting Backstage

Now we finally opened up on this new location of hours, we clearly need all the people to know and find out about us.
So, we do what we started at J&B Bar: we promote with actions on the (gay)beach, and in the guesthouses & hotels who are gay, gayfriendly or straightfriendly.
We also decided to promote ourselfs in the two gay magazines Thailand knows: Thei Puan and Spice.
Thai Puan's closing date though was on the 19th of August, so we very quickly made a first add for them, which will be in the edition for September/October. This first excersise with advertisements you see right here ;-)
Spice Magazine, with his new owner Wayne came down from Bangkok to visit Phukets gay scene aaand we were happy to welcome them twice aand did hopefully same time also some business with next issue of Spice should have us in it as well ;-)

Left: The Add as will be shown in the opcoming new issue of Thai Puan, do you think it tells roughly what we try to do?

Next to that we have a lttle list with idears for making Backstage more positivly known on Phuket and beyond.
But with every step we do, we will do our utmost not to promote more then we think we can live up to.
Nothing is worse then genuine dissapointed visitors because we suggested more then we could deliver upon.
The Backstage and its staff looks forward to welcome you.

O, and in need of a good, old fashion coffee, well, we serve coffee in all its veriaties... inccluding our naughty coffees as the old customers of J&B have goten accustomed to ;-)

See you soon, and if not possible, please do not hestitate to react or write to us, here or on our email adres

Take best of care
Sawadee krab

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