Thursday, 26 August 2010


Or introducing The Backstage into the (gay)scene of Patong Phuket

Yesterday we started to distribute invitations to our Introduction Party on the 1s of September, this coming wensday!
Also we started to hand out flyers, in Paradise as well as on the (gay)beach. The weather is good, in other words no rain, not many clouds ... ergo excellent beachweather ;-)

To do a decent job, we made two invitations, one specially for our relations and bosses of the other gay, straight friendly/gay friendly places in Patong, and a flyer for the potential customers of The Backstage.

The invitation, of which here on the left a black and white print, we had printed on orange paper (how original huh?) and was folded in such a way that you could take apart the 'curtains', on which we had "We invite you", after which the invitation itself becomes visible.. well, have a look for yourself.
We hope it will be appreciated. Thai custom more or less demands that one tries to bring the invitations around in person to the bar owners, or at least try to do so. And if an owner is present, or its manager, then one is supposed to buy a drink, offering one same time, and then hand over the invitation.... at least when one invites a Thai owner... with farang owners things are much easier and its not necessary to sit down, enjoy/buy drinks etc.
Because of this custom/procedure (if one wants to do a proper job of ones invitations) one needs to plan ... and in my case, also coordinate with Kik. Some owners, mainly the big ones and/or the ones with whom we have a more special bond, will appreciate if I visit them in the presence of my husband.
Which is rather difficult, because Kik works now 3 shows per night at Simon and is often deadtired from them... but these next couple of days we will make a sincere effort.
Those places which are farang owned, run by farang, or thai run and owned but whom I know from visits in the past, I can handle myself, preferably together with our manager Gong.
Haha, one feels like one can not go out in the street without supervision.

Right: And then we also use this time to hand out flyers on the beach, in Paradise Soi, specially tonight when there's also a streetparty going on (Gay & Lesbian Night) to make promotion among our potential customers.

We truly hope we'll be able to give a decent introduction of what The Backstage is all about, what we like to accomplish, next to running a healthy business ofcourse ;-)

We also like to keep a relative low profile, because same time we also still busy learning to walk (see previous entry!) and only when we think we did a decent job of learning to walk, we will have a real opening of The Backstage.
We hope we will be able to plan that one sometime November!

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  1. Veel geluk and โชคดีค่ะ to you both. I hope your new business adventure brings you great success and satisfaction.