Thursday, 5 August 2010

Backstage soft opening expected on the 8th of August...

It is a while since we start working on The Backstage concept. When we thought we had finally all arranged and were practically ready to open The Backstage, we discovered that our neighbours left their building and we could rent it now as well.

Temptation! We could not resist ... result, everything got terribly delayed BUT we think we can be happy with the result.

When we talk about the addition, we talk about "Nextdoor", but officially it will be The Backstage.
Its interior, set-up, etc., its all different. You can also say: you get two for one ;-)

We hope though with the addition of nextdoor we can become a better and more true purple meeting point!

For now we formulate our "mission statement" (sounds more expensive then it is, I assure you!) as follows:

BACKSTAGE, a Purple Meeting Point - Theater Cafe where one can, next to relax, talk and meet others, also play and/or enjoy (live)music, lipsing (playback), karaoke, cabaret, show, play a game or a combination of these.
Your home away from home, for Thai, expats and tourist a like. Where one can meet and make new friends, unwind and enjoy a good time.
We did not pick the easiest of locations, but we are confident that its more then good enough to make our wish come true, to create that home away from home!

O, and next to good drinks, fine coffee & tea, we might also be able to serve you some simple Thai food and snacks!

The Backstage will now consist of two pretty different parts, at least thats what we think ;-). A so called 'modern' part, with small stage, karaoke installation, wide screen TV, dvd and comfi couches with aircon if so wished, and the 'old' part, with recycled furniture from J&B, old receptiondesk as bar, glass cabinets in an orange and purple setting. Informal from A till Z!

Left: Nextdoor getting pretty full when more stuff was delivered, some 'old' some new ;-)

We will be able to do more then one activity, if we get into the mood for that (hehe), we can also host a private party without having to close the rest of The Backstage.

Do not expect though a lean, mean and sharp entertainment machine. The Backstage is and will be for a long time a project in development. Everything you see when you come to The Backstage can be changed next time you visit.
We start simple in every respect, at least thats how we think about our decor and concept.
Its your remarks and experiences, and the feed back you are wiling to give us, which will decide how The Backstage will develop.

For the month of August our opening hours will be:

Sunday and monday : from around 4 pm till 2 am;
Wensday up to friday: from around 4 pm till 2 am
saterday and tuesday: closed (except for private party)

During the month of August we will have soft opening special promotion:

All drinks, buy one get one free!
Special bottle prices:
when one buys one bottle (with free mixers ofcourse), one can get the 2d bottle for half price, though on this 2d bottle we only serve 2 free mixers,
Nice detail: If you can't or are unwilling to finish your (2d+) bottle, we will reserve your botlle for your next visit... as long as it is not longer then 4 (!) weeks (exceptions possible after special arrangement with management! ;-) ).

We hope to see you (again) when you have the chance to visit Patong Phuket.

Our guests will have to make our Backstage work, we (the staff and yours truly) hope only to be pleasant fascilitators ;-)

Below: As reminder, our location:

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