Monday, 22 November 2010

Now on request and when ofcourse available, Backstage offers among other things: OYSTERS!

We are happy to announce that since this evening, the 22d of November, we have made an arrangement with an oyster-seller that he can come to our bar on request if customers (or we ourselfs, uhum) would like to have some oysters.

Left: Our Oysterman (in reality he really looks better, was just experimenting with my iPhone4, uhum) as I now cal him, busy preparing some oysters for us...and as you can see he sometimes also have mussles and clams on offer!

We sampled his oysters (what a punishment), and they were, in one word, delicious!
You can eat them ofcourse in any style you like, but our vendor (=seller) has all the Thai trimmings to enjoy with your oysters.

And maybe even more pleasing to know, they were cheaper then I have had them anywhere else sofar in Thailand, and that in Patong....! But ofcourse that was today and before we made our deal with him for the futur, and hopefuly the joy of all of you when you come to Patong and pay us a visit!

Right: Our Oysterman in front of Backstage... his oysters, mussels and clams are so atractive that once in a while even our stafmembers (in this situation it was Max, can not resist and go for it... for still an affordable price for them (and do not worry, our customers pay same price as the Thai do here!

Next to oysters, we can serf/arrange a range of relative simple, but tasty Thai food for extremely decent prices (mostly between the price of half a bottle of beer (if you could get that) and a full one ;-)

Ofcourse afterwards you can order from our coffee/tea-menu (allways available when open!) and everything else ofcourse you like to enjoy with your coffee/tea!

Well, now you know, we try to become your home away from home, where you can relax and unwind, meet up with your friends, or make new ones.

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