Thursday, 25 November 2010

Now even more on offer at The Backstage: Thai 'fast' food! ;-)

(you find full menu at bottom of this little blog entry)

Officially since today, but we serf this food allready for a while at bar on request, we now start to serf Thai 'fast' food to our guests when they feel hungry.

We tested the food for weeks, since the new owners of the little typical Thai neighbourhood restaurant took over the business from the previous owner.... and my staf and yours truly things its delicious for style of food!

We also asked the opinion of our customers who asked if we maybe serfed food also and if so, if they could get some.... With no exception they were all very positive about the quality and above all very happy the price of it!

The new owners called their little restaurant "Ole Fast Food", but do not compare Thai fastfood with what we know in the so called western world as fastfood. This food is as healthy as you can get it.
The Thai calls this fastfood because they can prepare it quickly , efficiently and clean and most Thais make use of just this type of place to generally eat their breakfast (Thai style = same same as lunch/dinner) and all other meals they consume during a normal day. And Thais are pretty selective about their food and its quality!
I put fast between ' ' because its relative, compared with what is still generally regarded the meaning of fastfood in the western kitchen, like MacDonals, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King. Those places you find here as well ofcourse, but they are among Thais not known as "fastfood" places, though you get serfed there even a little bit faster then their own style of "fastfood"... but well, a lot less freshly made and, lets be honest, also a lot less tasty!

One of our customers suggested to us to make a menu to put on the table (you might know him, he was officially the first customer of The Backstage back in April when for a couple of days we made a little trial run to see how things would work out before starting for real in August, and as such he will allways be an honored guest for us here!).
A simple and good idear, and easy to follow up upon..... if ofcourse Ole fast Food agreed to it.
We talked with the owners, and they were very happy to cooperate with us in this.
And so, from today onwards The Backstage is proud to present her little menu for our guests to choose from.......... and we decided to give you same price as the restaurant charges her customers, which, with a few exceptions, are all Thai (yours truly is one of those exceptions).
How they do it I do not know, but all their food is being sold for 50 baht a plate, can you imagine? Converted against present rate of the baht to the euro comes down on roughly 1,25 euro for a full healthy meal!
If you get too used to it (price/quality) though, I have to warn you, you get pretty spoiled food wise, before you get back to your home country again for sure!

Click on the image below and you get to view the menu on full screen!

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