Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Birthdays & Weddings Party 7th of October! Part 1 !

Left: The father of Ton and yours truly, one of the two birthdayboys of this evening ;-)

The 7th of October we at The Backstage celebrated two birthdays, a weddinganniversary and an upcomming wedding, which took place here on Phuket on the 10th.
The birthdayboys were Jeroen, from Delft and here to attend the wedding on the 10th, and yours truly, the so called owner of The Backstage, Rob.
The weddinganniversary celebrated was that of Rob (again) & Kik, who celebrated their 2d (Dutch) weddinganniversary.
The upcomming wedding was that of Ton & Bow on the 10th. Ton is a Dutch friend of Rob from his hometown Delft in Holland and he got married to Bow, a friend of Kik from his home province in North East Thailand.

With this party we not only wanted to celebrate the birthdays but also kick off on a most pleasing couple of weddingdays for Ton & Bow culminating in a beautifull weddingday here on Phuket at The Andara Villa resort and partly organised by yours truly ;-)

Right: An animated atmosphere developed in anticipation of a modest cabaretshow put on by our friends from May Way Cabaretgroup.

For the first time Backstage tried to create a complete cabaretshow, but because of the space needed, most of it was performed outsite in front of The Backstage, on the street with the little, individual numbers on our own Bachstage-stage!

Below: The cabaretshow started. The May Way Cabaretgrooup put on a most intimate and pleasing show for the occasion of our birthday and for that we were most gratefull!

Ofcourse we also did the traditional birthdaycake ceremony for Jeroen, who celebrated his birthday here with us at The Backstage together with some of his friends from Holland and his girlfriend Edyta.

Left: From left to right Jeroen, Edyta, Rob and Kik

The Birthdaycake presentation finally underway. With all present singing their hearts out in honor of Jeroens Birthday. Rob gratetfuly took the opportunity to play Master of Ceremony so he cleverly escaped the ceremony himself with all atention focussed on Jeroen... as it should be ;-)

Left: Jeroen receiving his birthdaycake from Gong, and on the far left you see a pretty hot Rob ;-)

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