Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tik's birthday & cool local kindergarten teachers and friends......

.... at a rainy but beautifull friday evening here in Patong at Backstage!

Last week, yea yea, I know I run somewhat behind, but with good reasons (but thats a story for another day) Tik celebrated her first birthday (20 years!) at our Backstage. After Achiia's birthday a couple of days before we decided to make it a more modest affair. Also Tik is much shorter here with us at Backstage.

Tik is, what they call here a kathoey, or in english, a ladyboy, but with a pleasant caracter and as such she fits in beautifull in the Backstage-staff!
At first I had my doubts if she would fit in, but luckily I now feel different and am happy we have her on board:-)

Left: Tik with part of our staff after she received her birthday cake (and yes, also for her it was her first one!).
from left to right: Beng, Clarck (one of 'our' teachers, Tik, Max, Ole (our cook), Achiia and Mos

Left: Our teacher-friends Clarck and Kim, enjoying our karaoke fascilities with their Australian friends, 3 sisters!
It was touching to see how these 3 cared about eachother and fussed about that one of them would get back to the hetel safe when she felt she needed to go back to her room!

Right: It was a world upside down! Normally its the Thais who sit inside singing their hearts out with our karaoke but now it were our farangs ;-) BUT the Thai enjoyed for a change a quiet chat around one of our round tables (I enjoy round tables more then those square ones) ...but they enjoyed, as in allmost every circumstance, a photo opportunity, specially for ones birthday. Here Tik with staff members of Backstage and Superboys, our neighbours here in Soi Yaiyui.

Right: Of course, they enjoy to celebrate, and thats what they did, till late I have to say.... here you see Max, Tik & Achiia enjoy some karaoke

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