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A shock & crossdressing by staf !


The other day I got a SHOCK while checking our weblog again...I discovered I had last written an entry to report the Queens Night celebrations at Backstage.
I admit, thats bad ..... not that a lot exciting things happened since then BUT even then I should have kept all of you updated nonetheless. An excuse may have been that on our FACEBOOK page though I reported regularly and commented on all kinds of different things..... FB is getting distracting when it comes to updating our Weblog, so I appologise for that ;-)

I can recommend though to follow us on Facebook (FB) for the short and quick reports, reactions and mentioning of worthwhile things as we (or I) see it because often they are not suited for the weblog set-up ;-)

A Cross dress fun adventure at Backstage by our Staf

Now everybody who knows me, knows I like men, uhum or haha ... but most of you who know Kik, knows he likes dressing up as a woman, as do most of our staf.
Its part of what one can say is "being gay in Thailand". Butch men who are openly gay here are hard to find...but like in our own world(s), they are there sure enough but sadly more hidden then the more feminine guys.
Some butch guys teached themself to develop some feminine behaviour so they can get accepted by their surroundings as being gay.
So, all of you who have been wondering howcome you see so few butch gay men here, thats one of the reasons... Thai society has a hard time accepting butch gay men, or as one sometimes also say masculine ;-)

Now, one recent night Kik organised our staf to dress up like women with some stricking results I have to admit.. and we had a ball I can assure you!!

I had a hard time selecting one picture of every staf member and the one we made as a group... here they follow:
By the way, the pictures were taken by my iPhone and as such has no 'red eye' protection device so that may at times explain why some of us might look somewhat strange with their eyes but we did our best to affoid them ;-)

Right: The exception on the rule, Schia, as a guy ... he never has dressed up as a woman and I (or we) wonder if ever he may do so ;-)

Left: And well, Max showing like a stage diva ;-)

Right: The big surprise when doing the transformation was our Beng, who I called spontaniously the Thai Ophra Winfrey !

Left: Yes, even our Sit, or as I stubornly call him Cid, after El Cid the famous warrior from the fight in Spain against Muslim kingdoms of that period (and wonderfully portayed by Charles Heston in the movie classic El Cid , didn't escape the make over adventure ;-)

Right: Tom wouldn't be Tom not to participate BUT clearly with a wink, because he;s the man in the house and he like to joke and make fun as well !

Left: And well, who can resist our Lady Mos, in whatever outfit (s)he might show him-/herself in ;-)

Right: The first time he showed himself transformed, and what a wonderfull surprise he gave us all: Ton!

Above: The Backstage group together with yours truly in the middle and Kik behind the camera/iPhone (sorry, this is the best we could produce with all in the picture ;-)
As one can see, Cid and Ton changed back to 'normal' and with Shia and me brought balance back, at least for the picture here that is, haha.
From left to right: Max, Cid, Ton (below), Rob, Tom (below), Bneg, Schia and Mos!

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