Thursday, 14 April 2011

1st TRY-OUT Backstage Cabaret pretty succesful! ;-)

If I/we have to believe our customers who were present at the first public try-out of the Backstage Cabaret, all of them were enthousiastic with the performances our Backstage staf put on our modest little stage.
Though the setting was simple, our public was truly enjoying the efforts put into the numbers which were brought on with the interpretation by our staf.
Even me, who stimulated the staf to do something like this, was pleasantly surprised... though several times customers and staf had to calm me down that everything would be okay (staf), or was more then okay (customers)!

Most appreciated was the honesty and real enthousiasm for what they were doing...simply it showed so clearly the fun the staf was having doing this!
Something, according to some, is nowadays missing so much in the cabarets of the more renowed cabaret bars here in (Paradise) Patong... even though they are much more elaborate, way bigger, etc. The sincerity and enthousiasm made up for shortcommings, which were there normal for a first time ever;-)

End conclusion: I was proud, very proud on what the Backstage staf managed to bring on our little stage simply because this crazy Dutch farang thought it was finally time to start experimenting with Backstage's own Cabaret after such a long time talking about it...... simply doing is the best way to find out if we are any good at it....
It seems though, big sigh of relief, we are ;-)!!!

The 1st try-out started ofcourse, as seems to be a Thai tradition, way too late (making me nervous if anything at all would happen) while our Backstage was surprisingly filled with interested customers!
But then it started, in twou little rounds our staf brought in total 8 different numbers on stage and after our/my Kik brought a funny encore for those still present (but then he could only do something 'late' because he had to get down to Backstage from his work for Simon Cabaret first (but you'll miss his picture in here, haha) ;-)

In the end our little cabaret show was performed by 4 members of our staf: Max, Tom, Mos and Bil.
Though in the first round our Tom (Left: Tom together with Bil) suffered from stagefright and backed out at the last minute...when seeing his friends/co-workers do their numbers, he got over that fright and did his more traditional number with Bil in the second half

Above Right: Bil doing his first number. We can say that we look forward to see what else he has in store for us in the months to come to enjoy!

Left: Max bringing his first song with a well known and strong female number in a version unknown to our friends and customers, namely perfomred and sung by a man!
Like to thank Max because I so much wanted real male numbers included, and he delivered in a clever way!

Right: Mos surprised us all by putting on a wonderfull female number as kick off of the Backstage's Cabaret. Though in general a shy person, he made us all feel proud for his daring and courage by bringing this first number with an disarming charm ;-)

Above: from left to right: Max, Bil, Tom and Mos. Posing for a deserved thank you and applaus by our audiance for bringing our first ever Backstage Cabaret!

I truly hope we will be able to build on the enthousiasm of this first performance. The intention is to grow to a regular show once a week over the next months, with most likely all kinds of little improvements to make everything more easy/natural and most important... more relaxing haha, Will need that myself lol
BUT I'll definitly wil try my utmost to keep to the principal
Nobody has to do something, they are all free to do if they enjoy doing so.....

Uhum, allready one of our staf who didn't want to take part at first, now allready requested if he could do a number in the 2d try-out ..... and for all of you who managed to read this far, til this line here: that 2d try-out will take place, if I can help it, well before the 29th of April...because if possible I would enjoy our staf to become the backbone of our Queensnight celebration on the 29th of April! ;-)
We'll wait and see ;-)

O, and please feel free to place your positive critisism, we'll need all that input in trying to improve on this slipery way in the world of Thai cabaret ;-)

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