Saturday, 17 July 2010

Try-outs start definitly wensday/thursday (21st/22d of July 2010) for several weeks/months. Adding next door to Backstage as well!

Left: Next door to Backstage, looks a tiny little bit like J&B Bar... today we decided to add this place to The Backstage!

Today, the 17th of July, we decided to add nextdoor to The Backstage... we want to use this place as a big, wind and rainfree terrace for The Backstage, as well as a place were our customers can get something to eat at certain times of the day.
Same time we hope it will our visitors a nice view on our neighbours Go-go & karaoke bar Superboys and ofcourse whatever else happens in the street/soi!
We will combine it with Backstage and service will take place from one venue to both ;-)
Though The Backstage is now looking very decent indeed, this "next door", which I like to call "The Table" as a workingname for the time being,

How this new addition will function will partly also be decided by our visitors/customers... we like it to become also a part of your home away from home.
All idears are ofcourse more then welcome, and we will keep you all posted on the developments around it !

Help us to create your favorite "home away from home", help us create a true purple meeting point!

Right: Believe it or not, but this is how one of the staff rooms upstairs looks like at present, and its one of the more decent 'rooms'... something we wil have to change!! brrr

Surprised I was when I saw to rooms upstairs, knowing that the staff of Big Boom Boys go go & karaoke bar, which was operating opposite Superboys, stayed and looked like. Ofocurse the place has been empty now, well, what you call empty, for a few months now ... but still...
The pic show one of the more decent looking rooms, cubicles upstairs.... somethng we wil have to do much better because otherwise I would not be prepared to go upstairs anytime soon again, haha
Nope, definitly something which needs heavy improvement ;-)

Try-outs starting 21/22 of July!!

The Backstage will start operating this wensday or latest thursday, the 21st or 22d of July. We wil keep it relative quite, no big attention seeking yet.. we will want to get a good hang of the place first!
BUT we will start bringing the coffee facilities over to The Backstage, and all other stuff we will need to open up somewhat succesfully.
And all who intend to pay us a visit, please let us know your constructive idears, if you have them ofocurse.
BUT also realise, that we are in a try-out period and as such everything can change again if so required and reasonable.
After all we like to be flexible.... as long as everything stays within reason.

O by the way, we do appologize if some of the english writing is incorrect...after all we are no originally english speaking/writing people here ;-)

Now you all take very good care and hope to see you!!

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  1. Hi Rob
    You repliedto me and Lionel but we dont have a new email address for you other than the old jbbar and you said you dont check it anymore.
    Where do we write to you now?? also can you forward Arm telephone no? We hope you are well and see you very soon. email xx